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Hirohumi Nakatomi Official Blog

Hirohumi Nakatomi Surgery results

    Total 3594 cases (as of December 31, 2019)
    In the auditory nerve tumor, vascular malformation, cranial base meningioma, cerebral aneurysm, 1326 cases

  • ■Auditory nerve tumor 372 cases
  • ■Vascular malformations 158 cases
  • ■Meningioma 338 cases
  • ■Cerebral aneurysms 458 cases

Message from Hirohumi Nakatomi

Neurosurgery Hirohumi Nakatomi

(Tentative) I, Nakatomi Hirofumi is the inventor of “virtual surgical simulation & amp; realtime neuro monitoring” which maximally preserve the cranial nerve function of patients. This surgical method finds the optimal surgical scenario by virtually experiencing every risk which may occur in brain surgery operation with computer graphics before surgery and real surgery monitors the nerve function which the risk has reached with realime While doing not miss a slight deterioration, it is a technique to prevent side effects as much as possible.

There are 3,594 cases of neurosurgical surgery that I have done so far. Among them, there are abundant surgical results such as auditory nerve tumor more than 372 cases, meningioma 338 cases, cerebral aneurysm 458 or more, and blood vessel malformations 158 or more. With motto of surgery that can fulfill cure without altering patient’s QOL, we work hard all day in cooperation with the world to treat many patients as much as possible.

It is recommended for this person.

  1. People who suffer from hearing impairment due to acoustic nerve tumor, those who suffer from gamma knife or surgical treatment People who suffer from treatment of neurofibromatosis type 2
  2. Recurrent tumor, those who are folded with anxiety about residual tumor · those who want to know auditory reconstruction surgery better
  3. Those who would like to receive second opinion from doctors who have extensive surgical experience
  4. Consultation to keep medical treatment while doing social responsibility maintaining the quality of their own living because of long-term relationship with disease
  5. Those wishing to have surgery by a doctor with abundant experience of surgery, those who think that they want to perform safe surgery as much as possible without sequelae
  6. Those who would like to perform surgery with cutting-edge highly safe techniques (minimally invasive surgery using intraoperative sustained nerve function monitoring = VR method)

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