“VR (virtual reality)” is an innovation that you can actually do or experience in the VR space what you could not do or imagined until now. Its possibilities are truly wide, attracting attention in every business industry, and it is expected to play a role as a new tool for problem solving.

The industry covered in this article is “medical care”. We will introduce how VR is the most advanced technology in the field of IT, and what kind of medical field it is not allowed to do with minor mistakes.

Contents of this article


  • 1 What is VR in Medicine

  • 2 VR used by a doctor

    • 2.1 [Practice Guide] Simulation and navigation of surgery

    • 2.2 [Study Edition] Education for medical professionals

    • 2.3 VR used to treat patients a>

    • 2.4 Overcoming Trauma and PTSD

    • 2.5 Care for phantom limb pain
    • 3 Summary

      What is VR in Medicine?

      VR is, in the first place, “technology that makes the brain illusion that it is reality with infinitely realistic landscapes and landscapes”. Now, as VR, I think that the impression of strong game of entertainment element and animation etc is strong, but efforts are already beginning in the medical industry in which the progress of the progress of the monthly progress is progressing.

      It is inevitable that the medical industry, which already has generalized to resect and treat by remote operation from an endoscope, looking at the inside of the body with CT scan etc., is adopting VR technology as soon as possible Right. Then, in fact, we will introduce the technology of VR used in the medical field from the viewpoint of both physician and patient respectively.

      Doctor ‘s VR
      You can say that the world of VR experiences with limitless perception of reality is very compatible with the medical industry. You can prepare and help in advance in the timing when failures are not allowed and when only experiences are things. I will explain about VR in actual surgery and VR in terms of education.

      【Practice】 Simulation / Navigation of surgery
      Please refer to the video below for the use of VR during surgery.

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