Thank you for becoming color and taking care of my grandchildren.

Cherry blossoms of Dear Sir / Madams class are now in full bloom at the end of blooming and it is beginning to fall. Thank you for becoming color and taking care of my grandchildren. I wanted to talk with the teacher at the time of XX surgery and I wanted to talk, but I was disappointed because of the need. I asked when I was discharged, but I could not meet with surgery, but I heard a story from Professor YY. Today, XX is coming to the ZZ house and occasionally accompanies a walk etc etc. There are still a bit of awkwardness in motion and there seems to be a headache from time to time, but it seems that it has come down. I feel like I will go to school next week. I will take care of something in the future, but thank you. We will send a course of cooked lessons so please make a drink of sake. Best regards

(From a grandfather of a patient of a teen who received an operation of nerve sheath tumor)

Two months or more has passed since Dr. Nakatomi operated on the operation.

I am very thankful that I am now back to work and living life is still behind. I have myself now because my teacher thought about my future life and was operated and cured completely once the illness which was judged to be difficult to operate. Although there was a time when it was a bit painful after the operation, the teacher came to the bedside as much as anything, and got advice such as “Let’s sit down on bed at the weekend” or “Let’s step by step from little good” It was very encouraging and protecting them and acting.Even if my hair has come out or no voice comes out, I told you that I do not need to worry because the time is settled, I realized again that I was experienced what I did so. About two and a half months I was hospitalized, but in the south of the 7th floor, teachers such as Mr. Nakatomi and nurses and others were very kind, I slept tightly without drinking sleeping pills on the night before surgery I remember being relieved. I will make efforts to help various people like teachers, contribute to society by becoming useful, and to become a fine person though it is in the future form.I met my teacher, believed, it was really nice to have the operation done. Thank you very much. I think that you are busy, please be careful with your body again.

(From patients in their twenties who received surgery for cerebral arteriovenous malformations)

Story-telling Part 1

Overview (2007. November h)

Story talks 1. I received a treatment experience report from a woman in xx who was in charge of treatment in fall of 2006.
Auditory nerve tumor due to medium size tumor (10-15 mm) caused hearing loss of 32 dB and average clearness of 90% but there was no facial paralysis immediately after removal, 37.5 dB postoperative hearing, word understanding He was discharged at a clarity level of 85%. After that, I have been in almost the same state for almost a year without recurrence.


2005.3. ○ Day Disease From “sudden hearing loss” MRI confirmed “I have a tumor in the brain” Diagnosis came out “I can not die earlier than my mother fighting illness Can treat my mother with peace of mind I thought that it was the first time to relocate to the facility, “while regretting that” I should have communicated with my husband before I got sick. ” At Toranomon Hospital · Otolaryngology it was diagnosed as “auditory nerve tumor”. When he was sent to brain surgery, she immediately underwent surgery, her hair was shaved, her back occipital was opened, and he received explanations of aftereffects of facial paralysis and a high risk. I could not communicate with my otolaryngological teacher, I could not grasp my illness contents, it was indigestion. I lose my hearing at all, but I wanted an otolaryngologic operation with a low risk. I participated in “Gathering of middle-ranked listeners / hearing-impaired people” and also tried experiences of sign language and reading. 2006.4.21 The tumor grew bigger and was finally introduced to the brain surgery department. In the waiting room I was wondering which wig suits you with “brochure for medical wig”.It was Mr. Nakatomi who opened the door “I kept you waiting.” Although it was my first meeting, I talked about the uneasiness of the past year at a stroke. Explanation about the disease, treatment method was explained with eagerness by using surgical video. For the first time, I learned what my illness is like. “When you do surgery, is your teacher young …?” I thought that a teacher with age of experience with an established idea …. However, every time I was consulted twice, three times, that anxiety disappeared. I felt confidence and enthusiasm for the teacher who explained the number of surgical contents, surgical cases, and surgery. I admired that there is a foresight to see that Mr. Fukushima (a doctor who is said to be the hand of God) and Mr. Kamiyama (doctor Fukushima wanting wishes for his brain surgery) studied.I asked for a second opinion. For a moment, the teacher became a serious face (?). I guessed she was supposed to have distrust of the teacher (?). Because the disease incidence is low, there are also few specialized teachers, and because I am a reliable teacher, I asked for a direct introduction. It was to calm myself toward surgery. Mr. Murakami of Nagoya City University · Otolaryngology Department was introduced and Mr. Murakami was the same view as Dr. Nakatomi said “Professor Nakatomi is an excellent teacher”. For surgery, Professor Nakatomi said, “Do not worry – I want you to undergo surgery with the feeling of getting on a large boat” “If you have any questions say anything, please do not leave home with anxiety” Talking everything uneasy, I hoped for surgery with hope by answering one by one.

To Date Surgery

I listened to the teacher ‘s words “Ganba!” And slept with confidence. When I was anesthetized at the ICU, I heard the tremendous voice of my family, I heard the strong and clear words of Professor Nakatomi ‘s “Total Extraction, No Paralysis, Hearing Remainder”. I understood that the surgery was safely done, I was really happy, I was full of thanks! After the operation there was a sequela such as dizziness, wandering etc etc, but the fact that the teacher came to the hospital room again and again many times was the most encouraging. While I was in the hospital, I could hardly get sleep with a voice that was squeezed all night by a neighboring beder, so I bought an earplug and wore it. However, if you think carefully, because the hearing is left, the voice of the person in the next bed was heard, and why do you plug earplugs while wishing for hearing recovery? I stopped thinking.

2006.11. ○ Day leaving the hospital I watch a picture of my surgery with my family

I realized again that it was such a big surgery. At the same time I was impressed and my chest filled and I could not stand a seat. I had the best surgery, and from now on I thought that I will carefully walk day by day toward recovery. One year after surgery, sometimes hearing can not be heard clearly, but I am able to talk. The hardness of the muscle of the occipital region still remains. The course of the disease, the way the couple and the married couple have been, and the care issues of the mother were offered at the same time, and I was also keenly aware of the importance of relationships with people. Just this disease was given by God during this time. During examination, somehow laughter occurred in the conversation with the teacher, and within that, I was able to return home with satisfaction, security and hope. Also, my family is “full of energy, how are you doing?”, Thankfully, with gratitude! Thank you very much! ! Thank you in the future.